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Banana Snack to go

History of creation

The main trend of the future

The main trend of the future is to keep up with the times, which means everything and everywhere to keep up to 100%.

And in order that the snack did not take away your precious time, and at the same time was nutritious, useful and gave you energy to do important things.

And keep up with the times….

So(and)....I bring to your attention!

Convenient «snack to go» that you can always and everywhere to take with you, it's so easy.

Be always in the center of events! It is at that moment when you are(get) hungry, you will be saved from hunger Snack to go! Fresh, bright, nutritious and energizing. Enjoy life without any unnecessary hassle(trouble)!

Live a full and vibrant life.

Banana Snack to go

История создания

Главная тенденция будущего, это идти в ногу со временем, а это значит все и везде успевать на  100%.

И для того, чтобы перекус не отнимал ваше драгоценное время, и в то же время был питательным, полезным и придавал вам энергии, для совершения важных дел. И идти в ногу со временем.

И так….предлагаю вашему вниманию!

Удобный снек, который можно всегда и везде взять с собой , ведь это так легко.

Будьте всегда в центре событий! Именно в тот момент когда вы проголодаетесь, вас спасет от голода Snack to go! Свежий, яркий, питательный и придающий энергию. Наслаждайтесь жизнью без всяких не нужных хлопот! Живите полной и яркой жизнью.

Banana snack-to-go

Recipe for 30 snacks

Chocolate pâte à choux

Make pâte à choux.

Put pate a choux into forms and bake at 180°C 30-40 minutes

182g milk 3.5%

182g water

146g butter 82%, unsalted

7.5g invert sugar

3g salt

201g flour

11g Extra Brute

330g eggs

Banana ganache

Combine all ingredients together in food processor and make ganache at 50°C.

Cool before use.

280g Or Noir

280g fresh banana puree

140g water

56g grapeseed oil

Whipped banana caramel

Make dry caramel with sugar and glucose at 185°C.

Boil cream (1) with salt and deglaze caramel.

Set caramel cool at 85°C and put on chocolate, Cocoa Butter and butter.

Add melted gelatin and mix with blender.

Add cream (2) and banana puree. Mix with blender again.

Leave cool before use.

35g sugar

38g glucose syrup

94g cream (1)

1g salt

3,5g gelatin in powder 200 bloom

17g water for gelatin

12g Cocoa Butter

12g butter 82%, unsalted

24g Zephyr

53g cream (2)

118g fresh banana puree


Mix sugar and corn starch and add in cream.

Boil for 2 minutes. Add gelatin and boil for 1 minute. Remove from stove and add cold gel and colouring.

500g cream 35%

270g sugar

30g corn starch

200g cold gel

20g gelatin 180 bloom