Travel cakes «Bon Voyage»

Going to a family or a group of friends on a little trip

take Travel cakes "Bon Voyage" with you.

Which will be stored up to 5 days, but at the same time keeping its amazing taste. Save your time, don't waste it on cooking. Spend your time communicating with your loved ones on vacation and the pleasure of traveling or weekends. Travel cakes "Bon Voyage" will help you with this.

It contains only the best ingredients to enjoy the excellent, bright and fresh taste of Travel cakes "Bon Voyage"!

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Travel cakes «Bon Voyage»

Собираясь семьей или компанией друзей в небольшое путешествие возьмите с собой Travel cakes «Bon Voyage». Который будет храниться до 5 дней, но в то же время сохраняя свой потрясающий вкус. Экономьте свое время, не тратьте его на приготовление. Тратьте свое время на общение со своими близкими на отдых и удовольствие от путешествия или выходных. Travel cakes «Bon Voyage» Вам поможет  в этом.

В составе только лучшие ингредиенты для того, чтобы насладиться отличным, ярким и свежим вкусом Travel cakes «Bon Voyage»!

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Bon Voyage

Recipe for 4 travel cakes

Chocolate bisquite Or Noir

Whip the cubes of marzipan gradually adding eggs. Whip until the mixture becomes smooth and fluffy.

Keep on whip and add flour with baking powder, melted chocolate and soft butter.

Bake at 170°C 15-20 minutes.

360g almond marzipan

444g whole eggs

42g flour

12g baking powder

228g Or Noir, melted

120g butter 82%, unsalted, room temperature

Orange ganache

Combine all ingredients together in food processor and make ganache at 50°C.

Put ganache in a form and leave cool.

265g Or Noir

390g fresh orange juice

53g grapeseed oil

Orange compote

Heat together orange juice, glucose and invert sugar. Slowly add sugar and pectin, and heat up to 102°C. Add orange cubes and zest. Put compote in a form and leave to cool.

390g fresh orange juice

orange cubes from 4 oranges

orange zest

28g glucose syrup

67g invert sugar

84g sugar

11g pectin NH

Almond praliné

Make dry caramel. Put caramel on silicone mat and leave to cool. Crush slightly.

200g sugar

Grind together almonds and caramel in a paste with food processor.

Mix well melted cocoa butter with almond praline.

200g almonds, peeled, roasted

100g dry caramel

40g Cocoa Butter

254g almond praline

Almond crumble

Mix together in crumble and bake at 170 °C 15 minutes.

40 g brown sugar

40 g butter 82%, unsalted

40 g flour

53 g almond powder

1 g salt

Almond crunch with crumble

Make dry caramel. Put caramel on silpate and leave to cool. Crush slightly.

Grind together almonds and caramel into paste with food processor.

Make almond paste in food processor

Mixed all ingredients together and put in the form.

200 g almonds, peeled, roasted

100 d dry caramel

100 g almonds, peeled, roasted

63 g almond praliné

96 g almond crumble

58 g almond paste

48 g cocoa butter, melted

38 g Madirofolo 65%, melted

48 g Pailleté Feuilletine


Mix sugar and corn starch and add in cream.

Boil for 2 minutes. Add gelatin and boil for 1 minute. Remove from stove and add cold gel and colouring.

500g cream 35%

270g sugar

30g corn starch

200g cold gel

20g gelatin 180 bloom