BON BONS «2025»

The shape of the candy circle, the circle contains the dynamics, and it is a symbol of movement.

The combination of perfect shape and taste!

Try a truly exclusive and rare product of our time.

Handmade sweets are especially appreciated by gourmets of the future time, for their amazing taste, and also that there is no gluten in the composition, which is very important.

BON BONS «2025»

Форма конфеты окружность , окружность заключает в себе динамику, а это символ движения!

Сочетание идеальной формы и вкуса!

Попробуйте по - истине эксклюзивный и редкий продукт нашего времени.

Конфеты ручной работы особенно ценятся гурманами будущего времени, за их потрясающий вкус, а так же,что  в составе нет глютена, что очень  важно!

Bonbons “2025”

Recipe for 32 moulded chocolate bonbons

Almond praliné

Make dry caramel. Put on silicone mat and leave to cool. Crush slightly.

Grind together almonds and caramel in a paste with food processor.

Mix well melted cocoa butter with almond praliné.

200 g sugar

200g almonds, peeled, roasted

100g dry caramel

25g Cocoa Butter

155g almond praliné

Pineapple anise cinnamon ganache

Heat puree with anise and cinnamon. Take out spices.

Mix together all ingredients and make an emulsion with food processor at 45°C

65g pineapple puree 30 BRIX

1 piece of anise

1 cinnamon stick

108g Madirofolo 65%

6g invert sugar

7g glucose syrup

3.5g butter 85%, unsalted


Spray moulds with green and white coloured Cocoa Butter.

Make the shell with Or Noir.

Pipe one mold with pineapple ganache and fill the other mold with praline.

Or Noir

Cocoa butter

white and green fat-soluble colouring