Fresh Pineapple

Dynamic and amazing taste of explosive freshness!

The perfect combination of flavors, invigorating and nutritious.

This is what it takes to be in the trend of our time!

Fresh Pineapple

Динамичный и потрясающий вкус взрывной свежести!

Идеальное сочетание вкусов , бодрящий и питательный.

Это то что нужно, что бы быть в тенденции нашего времени!

Fresh Pineapple

Recipe for 25 fresh patisserie of Futropolis

Almond praliné

Make dry caramel. Put on silicone mat and leave to cool. Crush slightly.

Grind together almonds and caramel in a paste with food processor.

Mix well melted cocoa butter with almond praliné.

400 g sugar

400g almonds, peeled, roasted

200g dry caramel

85g Cocoa Butter

540g almond praliné

Caramel bavaroise

Make caramel and deglaze it with boiled milk with cream.

Make crème anglaise with caramel at 85°C.

Add melted gelatin. Cool at 25°C and mix with whipped cream.

83 g sugar

126 g cream 35%

159 g milk 3.5%

71g egg yolk

7 g powder gelatin 200 bloom

42g water for gelatin

224g whipped cream 35%

Pineapple compote

Heat together puree, glucose, invert sugar and spices. Slowly add sugar and pectin, and heat up to 102°C. Add pineapple cubes.

Take out spices and cool compote to 25°C before use.

434g fresh pineapple puree

1 piece of anise

1 stick of cinnamon

155g fresh pineapple cubes

31g glucose syrup

74g invert sugar

93g sugar

12.5g pectin NH

Chocolate bisquite Or Noir

Whip the cubes of marzipan gradually adding eggs. Whip until the mixture becomes smooth and fluffy.

Keep on whip and add flour with baking powder, melted chocolate and soft butter.

Bake at 170°C 15-20 minutes.

360g almond marzipan

444g whole eggs

42g flour

12g baking powder

228g Or Noir, melted

120g butter 82%, unsalted, room temperature